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TNT Fitness Friday

by Vivian Fleitstra on July 26, 2013


TRX and Tabata combo.

Did this workout 2 days ago and I can still feel it.  Since I am a certified fitness trainer, I like to try different workouts and change it up.  I created a workout incorporating TRX, and combined it into a tabata workout. If you have never done a TRX workout, do not start with this one.  It’s important to learn TRX and proper form to avoid any injuries.

TRX_GroupTabata workout is a series of exercises but you are doing the exercise for 20 seconds for as hard as you can, all out effort.  Then you have a 10 second rest, and repeat this sequence again, for a total of 8 times.

Here are the exercises in the sequence that I used.  Start with TRX Squats and do this for 20 secs -work / 10 sec -rest, repeat 8 times, then move to next exercise and follow this pattern until you have completed all exercises.

  • Squats with TRX


  • Rows with TRX


  • Alternating leg lunge with TRX


  • Y – (core exercise) with TRX.


  • Step up and down – this is done on chair or high bench.


  • T  (Fly exercise) with TRX


  • Bicycle

TRX bicycle

To learn more about my training, meal plans, and my virtual gym, please contact me at Well Cared 4 Body Health Coaching @ wellcared4body.com

Teaching you to fuel it and burn it.  Thanks for reading.  Vivian.

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