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The power of reinvention

by Vivian Fleitstra on March 15, 2014

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Wow ~ I can’t believe it’s March.   I certainly do welcome it after the winter we have had in Maryland.   I am so ready for Spring time, flowers, green grass and warmer temps.  Who’s with me?

I am half-way through my nutrition coaching courses at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  And, what a life changing experience the last six months have been.  I’ve had the opportunity to study over 100 dietary theories and learn what truly impacts our health, ways of eating, and develop my own personalized blueprint of health and wellness transforming my mind, body and spirit.   Since I have a fitness background,  and studied the physiology of what occurs in your body during exercise, and now with the information I’ve studied and learned at IIN, I have a broader and better understanding for the saying, “you are what you eat.”  I still don’t think most people truly grasp this saying. The food we eat is literally broken down to the molecule level and utilized in all our cells and blood in the bodies.  I guess, I knew this but realizing what we ingest and understanding how it translate into the human body by the way we feel, think and how our cells rebuild.  I’ve become much more mindful of where I buy, what I buy, food preparation and they way I eat it.  When you stop and think about what you are going to eat and start to plan, you make better choices and stop rushing through or reaching for whatever is available because you are starving and didn’t take the time to eat or make yourself the priority.    When you plan you make better choices, you explore different foods and different ways to cook it.  The outcome of eating better healthier foods is, you literally feel better, have more energy, and gain mental clarity because all of these factors feed into one another leading to your end result, a happier healthier life and lifestyle.

I have learned that everything we eat, touch and come in contact, we absorb whether through our mouths, skin, body, and minds.  I’ve re-evaluated what I eat, what I use on my skin and hair and what I feed my mind and soul.  The way I think and how those behaviors affect one another are all linked.

So why am I telling you this?  Because when I began my journey of exploration and reinvention of myself it started with my motivation of finding a different career and lifestyle for myself.   I was always stressed, working endless hours, never time for myself or my family.   Because of that, my health, my priorities and what is important to me received zero attention.   After becoming very sick in 2012 from over-stressing and over-working, I promised myself my life would be different in 2013.  And, it is…. I am still reinventing and transforming, but what I learned has been so valuable in my weight-loss goals (which was always a battle up until now), and what areas to focus on to stop agonizing over the non-essentially and unimportant things in my life.  I wanted to share my knowledge to help others do that same thing in their lives.  So, I’ve incorporated my experience and learning into my teaching and coaching practices.

So this article will be a first of many for reinventing your health and wellness focusing on reinvention of your life incorporating core areas that affect your health, wellness, happiness and overall well-being.

1551502_10201807843570740_2091579932_n-1To work with me or learn more about my coaching services and offerings in transforming and reinventing these areas, please visit me on my website.  I invite you to a free health history session with me.

Thanks for reading. ~ Vivian.

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