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Thanks Mom

by Vivian Fleitstra on August 31, 2013


In celebration of Mother’s Day today, this post is dedicated to the important woman in my life, my mom.

My mom taught me to be strong, confident and independent.  While growing up, I didn’t appreciate the small responsibilities that were placed upon me at the time.  I see, clearly why she made me do those chores I often complained about. It’s helped me be who I am today.

My mom is very brave woman.  My mom faced and dealt with her medical issues through the years and was a very hard-working woman.  I’ve watched her deal with her losses and overcome her challenges in life.  I’ve watched her be the most nurturing and kind person I know.  So much so, she frequently puts others before her own wishes, in order to help them.

I watched her open her heart and allow strangers into her life from around the world at a time in her life when her loss was the greatest. Some were young, some were old, who later became life long friends.  I watched her help others by taking care of and help raising their children.  She is so giving.  I’m sitting here realizing, that she really was a mom to so many others, even though she didn’t give birth to them.  I am proud to call her my “mom.”

This woman influenced me to be the woman I am today.  I aim to be the best teacher and nurturer I can be for my own family, and reflect on what I was taught.  Being the best mom doesn’t mean being his best friend.  He will have many friends, but only one mom.  I am proud and it’s a privilege to teach him the skills he needs to succeed, to be strong, to believe in himself, to trust his intuition, and the strength to pick himself up when life doesn’t go his way. To give away what I was taught and teach life lessons that will help take him into the world so he can make it a better place for others, as well as, for his family one day.  This is the gift my mom gave to me and my greatest joy to share.

Thanks Mom.

Take time to reflect and appreciate the woman in your life that you call mom. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

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