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Your Season of Change

by Vivian Fleitstra on August 22, 2013


What a beautiful morning it is here.  Sun is shining, and some trees already have colorful changes in their leaves. The fall is quickly approaching.  The kids went back to school today.  I love seeing all the posts on Facebook and parents sending them off to school.   I love autumn for its change in season, and how the trees, grass, farmlands transform into beautiful landscape.

It’s the time of year I naturally think of change, and reflect since it’s also my birthday month.  In the past, repeatedly, have chosen this as a time to make many changes in my life.  I use September as some might use New Year’s.  A time to reflect on my year, my life, my path and where I am.  Am I living my happiest life in all areas; relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality.  I can tell you there is much to improve and change. I use this time to set goals and action plans in motion to live my happiest, healthiest life.

In my fitness and health coaching training sessions, I help clients transform themselves.  We  identify the changes they want to make through diet, exercise, healthy changes and then execute those plans into a healthy living lifestyle that fits into their schedule, their time and provides rewarding results.

This is what I do, I help people make transformations in their lives that provides a happy and beautiful landscape.

To learn more about my services, I am offering you, the first consultation ~ free. If you don’t like what you learn, you walk away.  But if you do and want to make real change in your life because you want to lose weight, have more energy, learn to eat healthy, incorporate more whole foods into your life, improve your fitness, and overall well-being, I invite you to contact me in the Let’s Talk window below and setup your first free appointment.

Thanks for reading, have a great day! Vivian.


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