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Rock Summer with a new Bikini Body – 5 Steps to get started

by Vivian Fleitstra on April 24, 2013


1. Eat a healthy breakfast.  I often opt for a smoothie.  I add 1 scoop of my favorite protein powder, 1 c of favorite berries, blended with unsweetened almond milk, or water, and handful of kale or spinach.   Then, I’m out the door.

2.  Drink 8 – 12 oz of Water a day.  Replace sugar drinks like soda  and juice.  Squeeze a lemon or lime to your water.  Avoid seltzer drinks that contain salt or alternative sweetener.

3.  Add 2-3 extra servings of vegetables to your diet daily. I opt for a salad at lunch time, adding 1/2 avocado, hemp seed, and squeeze lemon and 1 tsp of cider vinegar to it vs. the high-calorie dressings.

4.  Replace refined grains that contain white flour and sugars to Whole Grains.  I opt for Brown Rice and love crispbreads when I am craving carbs.  Research suggests people who replace refined grains with whole grains tend to have less belly fat, and crispbreads are low in belly-bloating sodium and great for low-calorie veggie toppings.

5.  Crank up your workouts.  Try something different like a spin class, or how about H.I.I.T? A 45-60 min spin class (indoor cycling) can burn 500-1,000 calories.  Or, short on time, try a High-Intensity Interval Training workout, works your entire body and core in 30-45 minutes.

Hope you find the 5 Simple Fast tips to help you in your swimsuit this summer!


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