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Mindful Intentions

by Vivian Fleitstra on February 15, 2015

mindfulintentionsAwakening to a new day, what a gift unto itself.

The first thought of the day, where does your mind wonder to, as your unconscious slowly awakens and your thoughts are somewhere between sleep and wakeful.  This is a time like no other in your day.  It’s a time that allows you to tap into your creativity.  Time to take a few minutes to set your intentions for your day.  Before your feet hit the floor and you start your daily task list, it’s a time to become in touch with your inner self and true being.

While you are slowing awaking, let your mind drift to your inner passions and desires, life dreams, happiness and joy.  Let yourself naturally raise up your deepest thoughts of happiness and intentions.  Do not guide your thoughts, allow them to be free flowing and non-judging.  By using this time to put forth your happiness energies it allows you to be open, honest, calm, and centered, your peaceful place in the universe.  It opens pathways in your thinking that might normally be stuck or closed due to a distracted mind or distracted life.  What do I mean by a distracted mind and life?  It is when you’re running down your task or to do list, vs. being present in the now.  We all do it.  Sometimes we have too, other times, we are so busy just walking through our lives, we forget to tap into our deepest passions and desires.  We push them aside believing it’s not attainable.  I see this many times with clients wanting to change their health and life.  Our bodies naturally strive to be in balance achieving optimal health, just as our lives when chaotic, are out of sync.  When your life is chaotic and distracted, so is how you feel, what you eat, believe and behave.   It is all connected.

About a year ago, when I was in school, studying nutrition and life coaching, one of the practices we were taught was to mediate or set aside a time to become more aware of yourself.  I found that morning was my best time.  At first I had a distracted mind, my thoughts would immediately flow to my calendar,may appointment for the day and thoughts about finding the energy to begin my day.  My typical morning would be rolling over, hitting snooze at least 3 times, and then reaching for my iPhone to scroll through to my calendar thinking what day is it, then over to my appointments, to do’s and so on.  Before I even got up, I was feeling drained.  I realized I needed to find a morning ritual to center myself, allow myself time to begin my day with a purposeful mind.  A way to awake with joy vs. the dread.  In school we studied many doctors, writers, and theories. It was here I was introduced to Julie Cameron and her insight on morning pages in Artist’s Way.  It resonated with me  because I enjoy journaling and writing.  However, I know myself well enough to know that I would not be able to write each morning as I had responsibilities to take care of.  So I made a change to fit my lifestyle and one I practice with my clients, because they are busy professionals also needing to get on their way.  It is my way of awakening each day with joy using my daily mindful intention method.

Take 5-15 minutes each morning to give yourself the gift of daily mindful intentions.  At first it may be difficult, so start small with 5 minute increments, but stick with it, after 2 weeks, it becomes easier.  Like any change you want adapt in your life, it takes 14-21 days to begin to become a habit and make it stick.  I am still a busy professional but doing this one simple change puts me in a joyous grateful place for my day.  It creates a positive energy source that you can reflect back to through out your day, restoring the calm and peaceful state to your well-being in our busy world. Start with this one small simple change and then tell me how it manifests in your life leading you to the life you want and desire.

Wishing you many blessings.

Vivian Fleitstra

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