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Frustrated with your Weight? Want to start but not sure where? I have a Solution!

by Vivian Fleitstra on December 5, 2013

Learning to eat clean gave me a whole new meaning to life. I thought what I was eating was “right”; it was right for another person, but wrong for me. I spent most of my life trying to fit into a mold, mostly physical, but I never stopped to consider what was best for my body. I tried what seemed like every ‘diet’ and ‘pill’ (yes, I’m guilty), yet I managed to just get short-term results and more frustrated. You and I both know that loving and feeling comfortable in your body is one of the greatest gifts that YOU can only give to yourself. It’s not just about someone telling you what to eat and when to eat it or what workout to do – you are responsible for your own results. I caught onto that a lot later than I had preferred, but it was MY journey. It was long, lonely and painful.

When I discovered detoxing, plant-based nutrition and eating clean, whole foods – it was like the real me decided to show up. Everyday, I felt more and more amazing and it was my food that was fueling me and no longer sucking me into a deep, dark abyss of frustration and the unknown. That’s the thing, I couldn’t figure out why I felt like crap all the time! Until one day over 2 years ago, I had finally figured it out – what foods were causing all that acne, that kept me ‘backed up’ for days and why I was 20 pounds overweight! I was toxic and I had no idea

Which is why I decided to create this program for those of you, who are suffering just like I did. The positive changes that I experienced were long-lasting, since that day 2 years and I’m still ‘free’ from diets and counting calories! I believe 100% that you are what you eat and if you listen to your body, it will tell you whether what you’re feeding it is right or wrong for you.

The 11 Day Holiday Clean Eating Program is not like every other ‘diet’ you’ve tried – because it’s not one. It is a program based on eating real and whole foods that provides you with the tools to achieve your goals as well as a fresh, new outlook on your relationship with food. It’s never too late and I am confident that this program will give you results like you’ve yet to experience. You won’t starve, you won’t juice all day, you won’t be deprived. You will eat like a queen (or king) and you’ll forget why you ever counted calories in the first place. It’s about creating healthy habits to last a lifetime, join me as I guide and support you through 11 days that will open a door to new and amazing opportunities for YOU. Invest in yourself and your freedom to know that when you feel like you’ve tried everything & feel stuck, there’s still always a way out. :)

Registration is open, be sure to take advantage of the Holiday specials!

More information on the 11 Day Essential Fall Clean Eating Program  >>Register Here 

Thanks for reading.  ~ Vivian

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