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Fitness Friday

by Vivian Fleitstra on August 31, 2013



Good Morning ~ rainy, wet morning here.  Welcome to Fitness Friday’s.   The goal is to get you moving, and get you started.  I, myself, am not really a morning person, but my work has been pretty busy the last couple of weeks so I adjusted my schedule to include morning workouts.  As I make my transition to my true desire and passion; my coaching business, Well Cared 4 Body Fitness and Health Coaching, I thought I’d use the time to share and help get you started, and keep me to this schedule.

Tip ~ get up – don’t drink your coffee or anything before your workout, just a glass a water.  Why? It will kick-start the metabolism and you’ll burn more calories.   I know – hard for me to not have that morning coffee right away,  so I use it as a reward (my self-talk).  Get my workout done then my cup of morning Joe awaits me. It works.

I love circuit training.  It is so effective.  You can get a really good workout in 30-50 mins depending on your schedule and you can work the whole body.  I develop my workouts based on circuit training for my clients because time is of the essence.   I love working out, outside.  I usually go to the local park which is on the water or on my back deck and in the forest.  Here’s my view.  I get to hear the birds singing, usually watch the sun come up on a sunny day, and connect my body, mind and spirit here.


So, since it’s Fitness Friday, here’s the workout I did this morning. You only need 3 things;  a mat, kettlebell, and determination.  I order my class equipment from   Power Systems and use the following regularly: kettlebells, dumb bells, bands, mats, medicine balls, bikes, treadmills.

It’s 3 circuits, each one consist of 3 exercises.  Do each one 4-6 times through (depending on fitness level and time). Use lower or no weights for beginners. As fitness level increases, the goal is continuous through the 4-6 sets, then rest 2-5 mins before starting next circuit.

Circuit #1 – Jack Knife sit-ups – 10 reps / Push-up -10 reps / Squat with 20 -40 lbs – 10 reps.  Repeat 4  – 6 times.  Then move to Circuit #2.  Rest between sets if needed.    Rest 2-5 mins before starting Circuit #2.

Circuit #2 – Squat Press with 20 lb kettlebell – 10 reps / Burpees – 10 reps / Superman – 10 reps . (If you are a beginner substitute, mountain climber vs the burpees.)  Repeat 4  – 6 times.  Rest between sets if needed.   Rest 2-5 mins before starting Circuit #3.

Circuit #3 – Dead lift with 20 -40 lbs (depending on level) – 10 reps / Plank twist 10 each side / Kettlebell swing with 20 lbs – 10 reps.  Repeat 4  – 6 times.  Rest between sets if needed.

Happy a Fabulous Fit Friday!   I teach you to fuel it and burn it!   Thanks for reading.  Vivian.

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