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Fitness Friday ~ Inner Strength

by Vivian Fleitstra on July 20, 2013

How many times while working out, you felt like you were going to give up?  How may times did your self-talk stop you from working out?  Made excuses and said, I’ll start tomorrow.  Tomorrow came and you couldn’t because you worked late, or something got in your way, more reasons not too… more excuses.


I know it’s hard to start.  I’ve been there plenty of times.  When I was 19, I was trying to quit smoking.   I picked up an exercise video, it was hard to discipline myself to do it every day and kick the habit.  But it was a choice.   I would exercise after dinner instead of smoking.  At first my muscles would be so sore, but it got easier.  My body adapted and my cravings went away.  Yes, it took time and patience with myself. But that 1 decision, changed my life.  I grew enough confidence to join a gym.  I went religiously for 3 years, 3 x a week.  I drove 30 minutes each way, each time, because I was so committed.  I had many doubtful days, but kept going.   I looked up and saw a new person one day.  I had become very fit. I  felt great and had accomplished my goal.


After that I decided I would teach group fitness and did.  Eventually, I went on to teaching my own classes and had my own part-time group fitness business at 21.  Little did I know that decision to quit smoking and replace it with a healthy habit, would change my life’s direction.

On the days you are tired, listen to your body, it’s alright to allow yourself recovery ~ you need to.  But you know on the inside how you feel and when you are just making excuses.  Listen.  There will be days that you falter, I have too, many times, its human nature, but the key is to get up and keep going.  To find the inner strength and to change your self-talk, praising what you have accomplished and reminding you of what you want to achieve. Change the days of doubt, into words of courage.  You will see, and when you do, your life will change.  All the fear and doubt will be gone, because YOU will have succeeded.

IMG_3004So, today’s message isn’t a workout or how to do an exercise, it’s about starting,  sticking to it, finding the inner strength and achieving it.

Thanks for reading.  Vivian.  Well Cared 4 Body Fitness & Health Coach.   Success is the sum of small steps taken day in and day out. wellcared4body.com

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