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Fitness Friday ~ Black Friday ~ Week 2

by Vivian Fleitstra on December 6, 2013

Fitness Friday ~ Circuit Training

small steps - big gains

Here’s a one of my circuits from yesterday, you can take it with you on your travels over the holiday and on vacation.  It’s a good total body workout.  You can do it for 15 minutes or extend it to 25 minutes and add a 5 minute cool down.  It can be adjusted to various fitness levels.

You will need water bottle, towel, a jump rope and a 20 lb. kettlebell or dumbbell. Lighter weights if you are a beginner.

Find an area with plenty of space.  We will be doing 5 exercises each for 1 minute and you will do them 3 (15 minutes) to 5 times (25 minutes).  So let’s get started…

First Exercise, Skip (Jump Rope) for 1 minute.  Approximately 80-120 skips.  This is great for warming up the muscles and getting ready for the next exercise. When done move to next exercise.  Key is try not to rest if you don’t have it.

Second exercise, walking lunge for 1 minute. I can do about 25-30 lunges in 1 minute. Alternate legs. The key is do what you can if you are a beginner.  If you’re more advanced you can add hand weights.  Find a long path or wide area to do them . Continue to the next exercise with no rest if possible.

walking-lungesThird exercise is the Kettlebell Swing.  You want to do this for 1 minute. Do approximately 30-35 for 1 minute set. I use a 20 lb kettlebell.  You can use a 20-25lb dumbbell.  Beginners can use a lighter weight.  Continue to the next exercise with no rest if possible.  By now you should have some heavy breathing.kettlebell-swing

Fourth exercise is Squat with a high pull.  Do this for 1 minute 25-30 reps. I use a 20 lb kettlebell.  Beginners can use a lighter weight.  Continue to the next exercise with no rest if possible.squat-highpull

Last exercise is a modified plyo-pushup.  I posted the details in Fitness Friday’s – week 2.  You need a railing or back of chair to lean against.  Walk three steps out from the railing so you are slightly slanted when leaning against it with arms full extended.  Come down to the railing in a pushup position then push off back to standing position.  Do them fairly quickly for 30-40 reps depending on fitness level.  Do as many as you can with good form for 1 minute.

Rest between each circuits.  Repeat the above 3-5 times depending on fitness levels and time constraints.  Each time through try to meet the last number of reps you completed the first time through.   As you continue through the circuits, fatigue will start to set in.  So add the rest when you need it.  As your fitness level increases, you will rest less.  Happy Friday!

Thanks for reading!   ~ Vivian, Well Cared 4 Body Fitness .

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