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Day 1 ~ Warm Detox Smoothie

by Vivian Fleitstra on October 9, 2013

I coached my first group of detoxers last week.   I was never really a big believer in doing a detox until studying at IIN, and the fact that you study 100 different diet theories, and part of the course you try them.   In the past when I was presented with an opportunity to try a detox I had to purchase a product or special drink and then I’d worry about how my body would react to it since it is naturally sensitive.  But this program is different.  It doesn’t require you to buy any product or have a special drink, instead you eat real whole foods.  Additionally since the detox is based on the individual, I coach each person through what is or isn’t working for them because it’s based on bio-individuality.  Meaning no one diet fits everyone, and requires adjustments based on the person’s body, lifestyle and what works for them.

We begin the morning with warm water and lemon.  I like tea so I bought Yogi Detox tea, which is tasty.   Now I have the warm water and lemon daily and then if I want coffee, I have it afterwards.

Here’s a picture of the day 1 warm smoothie.  It was really good.  The recipe is in the free guide.

Day1-warmsmoothieSince I have a busy schedule, I decided to cook my beans the day before I started so I would have them over the next 3 days as needed.  I also washed my greens and chopped my veggies, then separated them in containers so that they were easily accessible when I was ready to use them.

I went to our local CSA and farmer’s market to get all my produce.  It looked so nice I had to take a picture of it.

Day1-AMJuiceThe overall results of the first group were good and all participants experienced a positive impact on their diets and bodies.  I had one individual lose 5.1 lbs. and was very excited because she has been trying many things that were not working.  She is now continuing the journey with my 1:1 weekly coaching program.  Another person who is typically a meat lover also participated. It was something different for her so I modified the program to include protein.  She tried the juices, smoothies and enjoyed the combination of recipes of foods together.  It opened her eyes to trying different foods and becoming more in touch with how she feels based on the foods she eats.   I was lighter ~ lost 4 lbs., had more energy and felt good.  If you are wanting to try something different and jump-start your weight loss or learn to detox your body naturally, give it a try.

Thanks for reading ~ Vivian.





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