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Mindful Intentions

February 15, 2015

Awakening to a new day, what a gift unto itself. The first thought of the day, where does your mind wonder to, as your unconscious slowly awakens and your thoughts are somewhere between sleep and wakeful.  This is a time like no other in your day.  It’s a time that allows you to tap into […]

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Be Inspired to make a change

January 23, 2015

BE INSPIRED TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN NURTURING YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING WITH THE WORLDS MOST INSPIRATIONAL MEMBERS OF THE WELLNESS UNIVERSE DIRECTORY. YOU WILL FIND US AT THE WELLNESS UNIVERSE.COM I am honored to be part of this directory and amazing group of professionals in helping others.  We all have gifts to offer others.  I […]

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7 Small Changes for Big Weight Loss Results

January 7, 2015

  It’s a New Year, means New You! What’s your resolution?  Is it to lose weight?  Get fit?  Or maybe you have an event coming up and want to fit into a special dress or have a goal to achieve by Spring.  Maybe you just want a eat healthier, less processed foods, start incorporating fresh whole […]

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7 Healthy New Year Tips

December 30, 2014

As we welcome in the New Year, I can hear the long list of resolutions not only flowing from myself, but also from family, friends and clients.  I totally understand the eagerness to get started if you have fallen off the wagon with sticking to healthy eating choices, exercise, self-care and just plain old taking […]

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Rainbow Vegetable Broth

December 23, 2014

Each Saturday I go to the local  CSA to select my fresh produce.  When I get home I wash, cut, chop, freeze or bag the my fresh fruit and vegetables for the week.   I decided I wanted to use the left over greens, vegetables and make my own vegetable broth.  You can use whatever left […]

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