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Addictive Brussels Sprout Recipe and Thanks!

by Vivian Fleitstra on November 28, 2013

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Happy Thanksgiving friends.  It is a cold morning in Maryland.   But it’s beautiful.   I’m sitting in my sunroom, looking at the naked trees which gives me direct access to the sunrise.  So I am waiting for the beauty of this day to unfold before me and so thankful to be able to view it.

As you know I go to our CSA farm weekly and last Saturday I was a little late in getting there, lots of errands to do.  I get to choose 8-9 items typically.  I had picked up what I wanted, but had 1 more item to select, so I have gotten in the habit of selecting something I haven’t tried or had in awhile.   I opted for the Brussels sprouts.   Two ladies were there as well and they also had them in their bag.  I asked them,  “how do you cook Brussels sprouts?”   Turns out the  lady was a personal chef, so here is what Darlene shared with me.   I will have to find out her last name so I can properly credit her.   But I kid you not, my husband and I ate them, and I am telling you, they are delicious!!   The first time I ever ate Brussels sprouts I was 20 and went to a friend’s house for dinner.  And, always being gracious for someone cooking for me, I could not tell her that they were terrible so I ate them and never, ever ate them again, until now.

I will warn you in advance that they recipe itself is not the healthiest but I really wanted to try the recipe as the chef recommended.  And besides, it’s all about moderation right?

My husband’s comment and I quote, “wow, I never knew I could be addicted to Brussels sprouts.” Hence it’s all in the name.

Step 1 – spray baking pan if not using non-stick surface.

Step 2 – cut the sprouts in half and lay flat on a baking dish.

IMG_5031-1IMG_5034-1Step 3 – Cook 3 slices of bacon in pan.  Keep grease.

IMG_5036-1Step 4 – Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Optional step 4A- finely chop the 3 slices of bacon and spread out over the sprouts. Then proceeded with Step 5.   I did the recipe with this step, but I think I would recommend either not doing this step or eliminating step 5, as it was a little greasy but the flavor and taste were outstanding.   Either way – you will love it.

IMG_5043-1Step 5 – Drizzle bacon grease over sprouts.

Step 6 – Drizzle good quality Maple syrup over sprouts.


IMG_5046-1Step 7 – Cook in oven on 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  You will have caramelized Brussels sprouts.

Enjoy friends.


Thanks for reading.  ~ Vivian.


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