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7 Small Changes for Big Weight Loss Results

by Vivian Fleitstra on January 7, 2015



It’s a New Year, means New You!

What’s your resolution?  Is it to lose weight?  Get fit?  Or maybe you have an event coming up and want to fit into a special dress or have a goal to achieve by Spring. 

Maybe you just want a eat healthier, less processed foods, start incorporating fresh whole foods into your diet. 

It’s time to get back on track.  Here’s a 7 small changes you can do to achieve big weight loss results to get you moving in that direction, if you aren’t already. And if you are, then keep going and incorporate those you haven’t already!

1.  Having a craving?  Drink a glass a water and wait a few minutes.  Frequently, dehydration shows up as a craving.  Not just that, it gets you drinking more water, and fills you too.  The craving will pass, and if it doesn’t opt for a healthy choice. 

2.  Replace refined carbs (like white rice and pasta) with whole grains or alternatives (try gluten-free version or whole wheat).

3.  Don’t binge watch on your temptations.  Just like you might binge watch Breaking Bad or Walking Dead, don’t do that with your food.  If you are going to have something that you really want.  Have it and be done.  And, if you do, it doesn’t mean you’ve wreaked the whole day so retrain your brain.  Go in, thinking yes, I am having this piece of cake, and then I’m done.

4.  Don’t skip breakfast.  Eat a low fat breakfast.   Buy skipping the most important meal of the day, you start your day with lowering your metabolism, and blood sugar.  You set yourself up for being starving by lunch, which you are more likely to select an item higher in fat and/or sugar.   In a hurry in the morning, drink a smoothie.  There are plenty of pre-made options, you can mix with water or milk or diary-free product.  My favorites are vanilla bean, plant fusion protein powder, chocolate shakeology, and one of my absolute favorite all-time homemade smoothies is the Green Hawaiian Tropic.

5.  Don’t buy it.  If there is something you know you are buying that you shouldn’t be eating, then don’t buy it.  If it’s not in the pantry, you can’t eat it.  Instead check out Pinterest and look for a healthy alternative, and make it fresh if you can.

6.  Veggies.  Fill your plate with mostly veggies.  If you are eating a salad, minimize the dressing, that’s the biggest calorie buster. 

7.  Watch what you drink.  Cut back on or cut-out high calorie drinks like soda, sweet tea, lemonade and alcohol.  People lose weight by making this one change. 

Vivian Fleitstra

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