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Drink your fruits and vegetables

by Vivian Fleitstra on August 31, 2013

Just this morning I was reading a number of articles from the CDC as well as Harvard School of public health regarding fruits and vegetables which I found interesting and informative so I thought I’d write share.

As you have heard, America or I should say, Americans are fatter than ever.  We are spending more money on healthcare than we have ever done.  And the result, sadly is, we aren’t any healthier.

With the changes in serving recommendations, I’m wondering how does a person get the recommended servings of 5-13 servings a day?  Of course, it is based on number of calories you eat a day. But still, its a lot, and we are always on the run or moving so quickly in this fast paced world.  Besides how much is a serving?  Well, its 1 cup. Here’s some examples http://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/everyone/fruitsvegetables/cup.html

My husband told me, 2 nights ago, “you are the only person I know that gets excited over a spinach salad,” and I thought, he is right.  I really do.  So, much so, I started using my new photography skills to take pictures of my salads, and foods.  Here’s one from my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/wellcared4body, regarding the benefits of spinach.


I am fortunate.  I love fruits and vegetables, although I don’t always get the recommended servings since I’m always on the go too.

It made me think. I know I love my veggies and I can’t always get enough, in addition my family is not as crazy about them, so what to do?  A common issue for many people and families.

If you can’t get your fruits and veggies in a plate serving, why not try it in a smoothie?  You can get more in 1 glass then on one plate.  If you add protein it will sustain you longer.

You can add more or less fruits or veggies.  I recommended starting with smaller amounts of greens in the beginning.

I made this one this morning….


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